The LIGHT of God surrounds us, the LOVE of God enfolds us, the POWER of God protects us, the PRESENCE of God watches over us. Wherever we are God IS and all is well...

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The purpose of Unity East Church is to teach the universal principles of Truth, as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ and interpreted by Unity.



Our mission is to rediscover the guiding Spirit of God's Presence within us and willingly demonstrate His creative purpose in our lives.




You are invited to use this web site whenever you desire Inspiration and whenever you would like information regarding the services of the Church, its Minister and the many Congregational Opportunities available.

To contact the Church Office and/or its Minister please call the Phone Number indicated on the Contact Us Page. You can Click on CONTACT US to see the Mailing Address and various E-mail Addresses as well.

Our church is available for Weddings, Memorials, Christenings and related events. You can see the current event schedule and the terms for renting the church, for your event, at the Services Page.

Thank you for your interest in Unity East Church.

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