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Board of Trustees for 2017/2018

Greg Everett - President
Rhonda Grewe - Vice President
Dolores Voyles - Treasurer
Betty Fleming
- Secretary
Carol Scheffels - Alternate Trustee


or E-mail: The Board of Trustees

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Church Building Use Terms & Scheduling

Scheduled Events Calendar

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Regular Church Service and
Service Streaming Video

Sunday, 10:00 am

Children and Youth Service
Sunday, 10:00 am

Fellowship after the Sunday Service.
Join us for Coffee, Snacks and Fellowship.

Mastermind Meeting
Sunday 9:15 am

Church Office Hours
Monday through Friday
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Ph: (586)783-1546
Fax: (586)783-1514
Email: Church Office

The Book Corner (Store)
Open Sunday
After 10:00 am Service

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