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Here it is folks, the Unity East Newsletter!  To See Other Newsletters CLICK BELOW ARCHIVES!

Each issue we publish in print, can be found right here on the Unity East Church Web site. The "paper" issue is published and distributed by the second Sunday of every month. That is the "printed on paper", edition. This Online Edition is published in FULL
COLOR! To see the newsletter you would like to read, click on the date of issue below. The Calendars for the months represented can be seen on the Calendar Page of this web site. We also have archived last year's editions from past issues for you to review, if you would like. Someone might need this to research some event that occurred the past year.

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January 2018 Volume 1 No. 1

Click on Issue Date Below
May June 2017 Volume 1 No 5
April 2017 Volume 1, No. 4
March 2017 Volume 1, No. 3
February 2017 Volume 1, No. 2
January 2017 Volume 1, No. 1
May / June 2015 Volume 7, Number 3


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