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Unity East Church Foundation Statement:
"To rediscover the guiding spirit of God's presence within us, and willingly participate in demonstrating His creative purpose in our daily lives..."

Our Philosophy of Teamwork:
Teamwork and service have played an essential role in our history and is plainly evident in all we have experienced together. In our health development as a new and shining start in the Unity movement, we are finding even greater meaning to serve and expand the team.

  "I don't know what your destiny will be, yet there is one thing I do know; Those among us who are truly happy are those who have sought and discovered the power of serving others..." Albert Schweitzer

Opportunity is always knocking.
We call out for you to let your talent be known and help us extend our circle of Unity teamwork!

We are affiliated with the
Association of Unity Churches. Clicking on these words will link you to the Association's Web Site.

Sunday Service is at 10:00am each week. Please arrive early and partake of our Prayer Circle and Mastermind, held 1 hour before the regular service at 9:00 am.